Life is a sprint, not a marathon
The Brony House (Aka why Dashell shouldn’t play sims)

So this all started because in my one Sims town I have a sim that looks a lot like Paleo.  I thought to myself, “I should make him a Saberspark to keep him company ” a few times but never did… and then this happened:

From left to right.  Saberspark, ACRacebest, Yelling at Cats, Purple Tinker and the one who started it all, Paleo.  IT was night when I created them so they’re all tired now 

But Paleo was the first to make it to the bed   (I could only afford a small house)

After taking the only bed… (okay I bought some more) he made waffles for everyone…  sorta… he ain’t so good at it. 

But we’ll eat them anyway

Meanwhile completely beyond my control or doing, these two became attracted to one another (I took the pic too late, but there’s still one heart floating around)

And then much fun was had downtown at a hot Dog Eating contest…

And suddenly a zombie.

Saber won 

The next day, a rousing game of tag with Purple Tinker and Saberspark started XD


Annnndd a pillow fight!

wooo!  Jam session!

Welp….   (dunno what they were yelling about)

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